Refund & Exchange Policy

MR.DIY Guarantee:

"MR.DIY Guarantee" is our refund and exchange coverage program that is designed to protect all of our customers against unsatisfying or damaged products by offering 100% refund or exchange based on our customers’ preferences. To understand more about "MR.DIY Guarantee" and what is its coverage please click here.


What is the MR.DIY’s Refund and Exchange policy?

This policy will only be applicable if the item/order that you wish to refund is purchased via

Purchases from MR.DIY retail stores and other e-commerce platforms will not be eligible for this policy.

We have a seven (07) calendar days refund and exchange policy upon your receipt of the order, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Items/orders that you wish to refund or exchange must follow all the requirements that have been listed out in our return and exchange requirement list.
  2. All packaging must be unmarked and not defaced in any manner.
  3. Any item that is received with tags attached must be exchanged with those tags intact.


Please note under this policy, we do not generally permit the refund or exchange of:

  • Refund requisitions made after the redemption period (07 calendar days upon receipt of the order).
  • Redeemed services from merchants or partners.
  • Requests that have been rejected by our customer support officers.


How do I submit a refund or exchange request?

We only allow for online exchange/refund after we received return request that you send to within 07 days from the day you received your parcel.

You are required to provide this information as below:

i) Picture/video of the impacted item

ii) Picture of the outer packaging (with the courier and MR. DIY label)

iii) Product/SKU code and quantities of the impacted item

iv) Exchange online/refund online option


Also, there will be strictly no return under the reasons:

a) Change of mind

b) Unwanted item


Contact Us

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