Q1: How to register an account through our website?


1. For desktop user, please go to the top right of our website and for mobile user, please go to the top left 'Menu'. Then, click 'Create an Account'. 

2. Fill in your data and then click 'Create'.

3. Click and Submit as confirmation that you are not a robot.

4. Now you have your own account and start shopping


Q2: How to place an order via our website?


1. Go to our menu 'Products' on top of the banner or directly click on the image under 'Featured Products'.

2. Click 'Add to Cart' to review your order and then click 'Checkout' or you may click 'Buy it now' if you want to go directly to fill your contact and shipping information


Q3: Why I cannot login to my account?

A3: Due to incorrect username/password OR incorrect e-mail registration OR inactive e-mail OR e-mail is not registered AND others. Click 'Forgot password', and you will receive an activation link via e-mail to reset your password. If this still doesn’t work, please contact us at cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com and we’ll try to help!


Q4: Can I register for many accounts?

A4: YES. You are free to register as many accounts as you want.


Q5: How do I change the language?

A5: Unfortunately, NO. We have no option available for other languages.


Q6: How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

A6: Click unsubscribe button at the bottom of any newsletter or email you received from us, alternatively email us at cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com and we can remove your information from our database completely.




Q1: How to order the product if I am not living within Java area?

A1: You may visit our nearest store to get the product or use our WhatsApp service to deliver your order. For further information, please visit our official Facebook and Instagram account.


Q2: Why my order is cancelled?

A2: Your order may be cancelled due to reasons such as technical glitch, internet connection, payment error and so others. Kindly contact our Customer Service for further assistance at cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com from Monday-Friday: 0900 - 1800.


Q3: Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

A3: Shipping address cannot be amended after order to avoid your parcel getting misplace during transit due to misinformation. It is advisable for you to reconfirm the shipping address before placing an order.


Q4: Can I change my personal information after placing an order?

A4: Any changes in personal information after ordering is not encouraged. This is to avoid unusual circumstances such as fraud and identity theft.


Q5: Can I cancel my order?

A5: Once we received your order, our team will promptly fulfil your order to ensure you will receive the parcel within the estimated timeframe given. Therefore, once you are charged, we are unable to interfere with this process. 


Q6: Can I reserve the products online and pay at some later time?

A6: We do not practise reservation order for online purchase. The payment should be done upon placing the order.


Q8: How to place an order for bulk purchase? Can I request for a discount?

For any bulk order (preferred quantities more than the available quantities online) details, feel free to email us at cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com for further information.


Q9: Do you have a mobile app?

A9: NO. We currently do not have a mobile app at the moment.


Q10: Why there is an error to reduce the quantities when I wanted to proceed with checkout?

A10: Our appointed third-party courier only allows to accept a package with volumetric weight not more than 30 KG per order. Alternatively, you may place another order if you wish to add more quantities of the items.


Q11: What is volumetric weight?

A11: It is referring to the overall size/density of the parcel and calculated by multiplying the length, weight, and height of the parcel and dividing the figure by 5000. However, the shipment cost may either use the parcel physical weight or volumetric weight, whichever greater.




Q1: Can you tell me more about your products?

A1: We are working hard to add more product information on our website as much as we can, however, if there’s something that you would like to know more, kindly tap ‘Chat’ button for faster response or email us at cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com.


Q2: Why some of the products selling at the outlet are not available online?

A2: This is due to not all our products at the outlet are available for online purchase. However, we are continually adding more products to our website that can be brought online. Stay tuned!




Q1: Why I cannot checkout with my credit/debit card?

A1: Kindly ensure that you have to key in the correct card information required and the card must be active. This issue might occur if you are using a guest account to apply for the voucher code.


Q2: Why I do not receive an e-mail notification after the payment is successful?

A2: Kindly ensure the registered e-mail is correct. You may check the email in all mail, spam/junk, and promotion tab. It is recommended to use personal e-mail instead of company e-mail as the company email may block any external email sent to them.


Q3: What is the payment method available?

A3: The payment options that are currently available are credit card, DOKU eWallet and ATM Bersama.


Q4: Do you have COD/ATM/Cash Deposit payment method?

A4: Unfortunately, NO. We do not have these payment method options available at the moment.


Q5: Can I order via the website and make payment at nearby MR DIY outlet?

A5: All online orders must proceed with online payment. Your order will be processed once the payment is successful.


Q6: My bank informed that the payment has been deducted. Why my order cancelled?

A6: Kindly provide your order number and registered email address to our Customer Service for further assistance at cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com from Monday-Friday: 0900 – 1800.




Q1: How to know my order status?

A1: You can fill in your 12-digits tracking number at https://istoreisend.com/mrdiy/


Alternatively, you can find plenty of useful information about your order using the ACCOUNT section of our webpage. Simply click the 'Account" button at the top of the page, log in, and you may track the progress of your order.


Q2: How to get the tracking number?

A2: Tracking number can be found via email from MR. DIY or you can contact our Customer Service for further assistance at cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com from Monday-Friday: 0900 – 1800.

The tracking number will be given once we have successfully processed your order and ready for shipment. 


Q3: What is the estimated time for standard delivery within Jabodetabek?

A3i) For any order made before 12:00 PM (Monday - Friday excluding public holidays):

The parcel will be shipped out from our warehouse within 1-3 business days and expected time of arrival is within 2-4 working days (Jabodetabek). However, there will be additional 3-5 working days if the order is made during the promotional period due to surge in online order volumes.

A3ii) For any order made after 12.00 PM on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday:

The parcel will be processed on the next business day and it will be shipped out from our warehouse within 1-3 business days and expected time of arrival is within 2-4 working days (Jabodetabek).

A3iii) For any order placed after the cut-off time of 12.30 PM on the business day:

You will receive the parcel by next business day between 2.30 PM to 8.00 PM depends on destinations.

A3iv) For any order placed after the cut off time of 12:30 pm on a Friday or on a working day before a Public Holiday:

Your parcel will be scheduled for delivery on that same business day depends on destinations.


Q4: What should I do if the shipment exceeds the estimated time of delivery?

A4: The estimated ship dates are provided to us by the courier and are based on the courier’s shipping time. The best way to determine the status of your shipment is to check the tracking information. Kindly contact the courier with your tracking number to ask why this package has not been moved, otherwise, you may always reach us via chat for faster response or contact our Customer Service for further assistance at cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com from Monday-Friday: 0900 – 1800. 


Q5: Why I have been charged with shipping fee?

A5: Standard delivery

The shipping fee will be calculated once you place your order along with the invoice that will be sent to your email address.


Q6: Do you deliver to an international address?

A6: NO. For the time being, we only support local delivery within Indonesia.


Q7: Can I request for specific courier service to send my parcel?

A7: We are pleased to inform that we already have our own third-parties reliable and efficient delivery services. So, any request for a specific delivery service provider cannot be processed.


Q8: What if the courier cannot send my order to my place and I have to pick up my order at their office? Will my journey fare be covered?

A8: Kindly be informed that we are unable to provide travel fare claim for the purpose of picking up the order at the courier office.


Q9: Can I go directly to the warehouse to pick my order up myself?

A9: We do not undertake any Cash on Delivery (COD) service. You are encouraged to make your order through our online store for a swift and secure transaction. Further to this, we do not have a walk-in purchase service available at our warehouse.


Q10: I cannot track my shipment via tracking number given. Why?

A10: If you cannot track your shipment upon receiving the tracking number from us, kindly be informed that your shipment might have just been shipped out. You can check your shipment status within the next 24 hours.


Q11: Can I have an individual tracking number for products I purchased?

A11: You will be provided with the tracking number of the products by order-basis. If you purchased multiple products within one order, you will only be provided with one tracking number.


Q12: How can I check the shipping fee of the product?

A12: You can try to add the product into your 'cart' and the shipping fee will be shown when you click 'View Cart' > 'Continue to shipping'.


Q13: Can I pre-arrange the date and time of delivery?

A13: We are currently using third-party courier services. Thus, we do not exercise pre-arrange time delivery to avoid missing parcels.




Q1: What is a credit memo that I have received via email?

A1: The credit memo sent to your email is to inform the amount of refund due to out of stock products, parcel failure to be delivered and others.


Q2: How do you usually refund the out of stock products?

A2: We will send a credit memo and an email to notify that certain products ordered are out of stocks. The refund will be done via credit card or online banking, depending on the initial payment method of the order.


Q3: Am I going to receive an e-mail notification if the products are out of stocks from my order?

A3: YES. We will send an e-mail notification to your registered email.


Q4: How long is the duration of the refund process?

A4: The duration of the refund process is within 7 to 14 working days.


Q5: What if I provided the wrong bank account number for refund purpose?

A5: You can send an e-mail to cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com by providing the correct bank detail and information for us to process the refund. Please be informed that the refund cannot be completed if the transaction has failed. If the bank details given were incorrect, the payment could not proceed. Hence, you will be notified via e-mail. MR.DIY will not be responsible to provide any form of compensation if the customers provide the wrong account numbers.


Q6: Can my refund be transferred to another person’s bank account?

A6: NO. Your refund can ONLY be transferred to the same bank account number you used to pay your order. However, for every eWallet payment, refund can ONLY be transferred to a bank account based on the information you gave us. Refund cannot be done directly to your eWallet account.


Q7: Can I have my refund through cheque?

A7: NO. We do not support the refund process through cheque. ONLY refund through online banking is acceptable. 




Q1: How to request for product return?

A1: Send an email with the proof of pictures (external packaging with courier label and impacted item), the reason for returning the product, and options for returning to cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com within 7 days from the day you have received your parcel or parcel arrived at the outlet.


Q2: What options are available for product return?

A2: Online Refund

Upon receiving the approval email from cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com, you need to ship out the product to our warehouse by bearing the shipping cost. The refund will be processed to your bank account within 7-14 working days.


Q3: Is there any expiry date to return the product?

A3: YES. The expiry date is within 7 days from the day you received the approval email to return the product from our Customer Service officer.


Q4: How long I can request for product return once I received my parcel?

A4: You MUST send your request within 7 days from the day you received your parcel or parcel arrived at the outlet. We shall not entertain for the return request more than 7 days.




Q1: What are the conditions for online exclusive item return?

A1: We only allow for online exchange/refund after we received return request that you send to cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com within 7 days from the day you received your parcel.


You are required to provide this information as below:

i) Picture/video of the impacted item

ii) Picture of the outer packaging (with the courier and MR. DIY label)

iii) Product/SKU code and quantities of the impacted item

iv) Exchange online/refund online option


Also, there will be strictly no return under the reasons:

a) Change of mind

b) Unwanted item 

Upon receiving the approval email from cs.id.online@mrdiy2u.com, you need to ship out the product to our warehouse by bearing the shipping cost. The refund will be processed to your bank account within 7-14 working days.

All the above information required is compulsory. We may reject your return request should one of the information is missing.


Q2: Why my Return request rejected?

A2: It may be due to reasons as below:

a) No information required received within 3 days after we sent the approval email. You shall receive two (2) reminders email in consecutive days to respond it and the third email is to reject your Return request.

b) The Return impacted item occurs due to customer’s fault upon investigation.

c) Missing required information in the list as requested without a valid reason.